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Insurance and Prescriptions


To buy the medication of permanent diabetes (chronic disease),
do I need a new prescription every time?

You can have a 3-6-month supply on your prescription pursuant to prior approval of the insurance company.

In such case, your prescription will be replaced with the approval document.

Do I need a prescription to get my medication dispensed?

As per the instructions of the Ministry of Health, each patient has the left to access all the information about his / her treatment plan, including information about medications.

Does the insurance company have to approve the prescription fills?

Your filling prescription generally depends on the approval of your insurance company.

For how long can I dispense my medication with the original prescription?

  • 3 months maximum for the medicines of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma.
  • 1 week maximum for the normal medication, such as cough and flu.

Does the deductible represent a part of the amount paid during the review as in the hospital’s pharmacy ?

Yes, when receipts are submitted.

What are the networks 5, 6 & 7?

Networks represent different levels of coverage within the same scope. The bigger the network, the more service providers (hospitals or medical centers) it contains.

How can I know if I’m eligible for the service or not?

Please contact the customer care representative of your insurance company to verify your eligibility.

What benefits will I get on filling my insurance prescription at Zaad?

The benefits you will get include:

  • Care and tips on medicine usage at the Zaad pharmacies.
  • Patients save the time and effort spent in hospitals.
  • We guarantee the availability of all your needed medicine at the Zaad pharmacies without the need to opt for alternatives.

Which pharmacies are providing the insurance service?

You can dispense your insurance prescription in all Zaad pharmacies